Young Girls – Big Dreams: Meet The Band BeCa


Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru, or the Band BeCa from Kenya is a music duo that was named among The Fresh Class of 2017 by Kenya’s top entertainment magazine Pulse and listed on MTV Africa's 2017 List of New Artistes to Watch. They are known for hits such as Toka and Brathe, which have unique style and delivery. This year, they make their debut on Coke Studio Africa’s Big Break segment, so grab a seat and an ice cold Coca-Cola and get to know a bit more about them.

Love at first meeting

The two met in 2014 at Sauti Academy. Becky heard Carol audition and automatically fell in love with her voice. Carol on the other hand heard Backy and felt she was her biggest competitor in the class. Their music teacher then paired them up for a performance as background vocalists, they automatically blended, and have never separated since.

Green in their careers

Their careers kick-off soon after they completed High School, in 2015. After being background vocalists for a while they met with Pinye from Dreams to Beat, who asked them if they would like to go mainstream and if at all they dared to dream. That’s how the track Brathe came about. The single would push them smack into the limelight.

BeCa’s bucket list

The duo plan to join tertiary education institutions in 2018; Carol has settled on studying music while Becky would like to acquire some knowledge in business so that their music can turn into a bigger business. They say: “Coke Studio Africa is definitely something crossed off our bucket list as our dream was to be background vocalists on Coke Studio.” They also dream to win an MTV Africa Music Award as well as collaborate with more African artists to push their music and brand all across the beautiful continent.