The Coolest Ugandan

Real name Moses Ssali, a.k.a big Size, Extra Large, Titanic, Mr. Showbiz, Big is Big, Munene Munene is a house hold artist with numerous HITS such as Agenze, Boom Bark Bogolako, Kasepiki, Ceaze and Sekkle, Dogolyo Sanyu Lya Mutima Gwange, Ntuyo Zange and more and more.. Throughout his long career, Bebe Cool has been nominated and won a number of awards both local and international. This awards include  the PAM awards, MTV, Mobos, Kisima, and Koras Awards. He notes that his biggest concert yet was the 46664 Mandela concert in Hyde Park London. The man is also a 46664 ambassador. Bebe Cool is also a man of unique character. He does not mince his words one bit. Thus, his political, social and philanthropic views are both sound and worth sharing.


He is his own Boss

Bebe Cool saw an opportunity to become the biggest music maker in East Africa when usic in Uganda was at a small scale, technology was only catching up, and he took it. One time his Physics teacher said something that was stuck with hi, he said, “it was so important for someone to be self-employed”. After that, Bebe Cool became very keen as he did not like waking up every morning and being told what to do. He knew that if he was going to be that stubborn, he had to be his own boss. Hence, he went to see this teacher after school one day and asked him what he meant by “self-employed”! His answer was that “if you have talent, then you’re self-employed”. From that day on, Bebe Cool made the switch and got into music full time.

The Force behind Bebe Cool

“I have been in the industry for 25 years and I’m not going to stop.” His rule is to make friends, “If you make 10 friends you don’t lose one. Bebe has been making these friends since his days in Kenya and in Uganda that keep spreading his name and making his name bigger everywhere around the world. “This is how you last long in this business and that’s the way I run my business.” Bebe has not lost a single friend in his business environment all these years because he knows if he loses one friend, he loses at least 10 fans. “I respect my business and I respect my people in the business industry.”


His Coke Studio Experience

Bebe Cool makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa – 2017, this year. He has been paired alongside Nigerian star Falz, who is returning on the show for a second time. This pairing will also feature on a special episode Coke Studio dubbed ‘The Global Fusion Edition.’

“My career in music started 25 years right here in Nairobi so when I got that call from Coke Studio I was so happy and my fans are also happy. I would like to commend Coke Studio Africa for this great opportunity. As an artiste with experience in African music entertainment, I know the struggle of artistes and see the difference and challenges in East Africa and thanks to Coke Studio Africa – everyone benefits.”

“I could not have dreamt of meeting with Jason or paid a lot of money to work with him but through Coke Studio I have met a humble guy who is on top of the charts worldwide. This is a special moment for me."