The Coolest Rapper From Mozambique: Laylizzy

Award-winning rapper Laylizzy is considered as one of Mozambique’s biggest exports to Africa in the hip-hop scene. In 2019, he makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa, collaborating with Fik Fameica (Uganda).

The pair was featured on the 2018 Coke Studio Christmas Playlist in the song “Deck The Halls”. Laylizzy said on their anticipated music collaborations: “Fik coming from 256 and I representing 258; we easily found a common ground. We are all speaking for the youth. We were aligned before we even spoke to each other. Guys should expect the best of the sauce coming out of our collaboration on the show this year.”

King of mixtapes

From 2010, Laylizzy has been releasing mixtapes yearly - a culture that is attributed with popularising Mozambican hip-hop. So far, he has four mixtapes under his belt that include “Dinheiro Limpo” (2010), “Unsigned” (2011), “Artistic” (2012), “Intelligent Ignorance” (2012), and “CallmeSirJeremias” (2013). A game changer, Laylizzy is certainly out to put Mozambican sounds out into the continent by fusing Portuguese with English. This has pushed his brand beyond the Portuguese-speaking borders.

Musical Influences

Laylizzy started his music career at the age of 14, alongside his best friend Ellputo—today a celebrated Mozambican music producer. Together, they were part of the legendary music group 360 degrees, which entirely changed the hip-hop game in Mozambique. Like all hip hop artists, Laylizzy grew up looking up to legendary rap artists such as Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Notorious B.I.G. His career has steadily risen and he has already worked with some of Africa’s top hip hop artists like AKA on his hit “Hello” and “Too much” with Kwesta from South Africa.

Coolest rapper from Mozambique

In 2015, he rebranded from Laylow to Laylizzy. This came right after he signed a record, management and publishing deal with Geobek Records & Entertainment - which has grown his brand to become one of Mozambique’s biggest hip hop acts. With a growing and loyal fan base, he became the first Mozambican artist to be verified on Instagram. While in East Africa, he cited some of Nairobi’s ‘Nu hip hop’ acts like Jovie Jovv and TNT as having caught his attention.