The Building Blocks of Sami Dan

Imagine a Lecture Hall in AAU aka Addis Ababa University. A young man is seated, taking notes about the science behind making buildings defy gravity and age. He listens, takes notes and learns studiously, all the while his heart is using notes to build music that would soon shake Africa.

Samuel Berhanu, best known as Sami Dan, is an engineer by profession and a musician by every breath he takes.

His hit album, Keras Gar Negeger, which translates to ‘Speaking With Yourself’ has a deep, unifying vibe to it. It is both calming and rousing, pushing the listener to stop, think, and act.

He brings his talent, which seems more methodical than randomly raw to Coke Studio Africa 5, painting Ethiopia in tones that many can hardly claim to have heard before.

Looking at his wide bright smile, imagining his journey from a 12-year-old actually building his own guitars to this undisputable star, is breath-taking.

Folks, if you’ve ever wanted to feel Ethiopia, you’ll tune in.

We promise you will see the world in a new light, built by an engineer with music in his soul.