Patoranking recorded 120 collabos before his big break


Nigerian dancehall king Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, better known as Patoranking, first came to Ghana in 2007 after he was admitted into Cape Coast University. After a year at the university, he dropped out due to financial constraints. Patoranking says his family could not support him through school so he had to defer his courses at the university to find other means of surviving the world. “I had to move from Cape Coast to Accra and I was sleeping on the streets of Osu just to make it. We must make am now … survival at all cost … The only option I had was making it in life because I just had to change the course of my family. Being the first child, you are the face of my family you know. I just say thank You Lord, and to everybody that never doubted me - I pray for them still, we’re still together.”

Patoranking then met a young Ghanaian entrepreneur named Lanky off the streets of Osu who was ready to partner with him to achieve his dreams. Lanky started a production company called Black Rhythms Entertainment and made a few tracks with Patoranking earlier on in his career. The first songs he released enjoyed good airplay but it was still difficult to break through Ghana’s music scene so Patoranking went back to Nigeria upon the invitation of a friend.

Back home, he got signed onto a record deal with a producer named K-Solo who exposed him to a wider Nigerian audience, but he still remained an underground performer. His big break only came after the release of the track Alubarika.

He says: “For two years I had recorded about 120 collabos with people. I was just working hard but wasn’t working smart –that’s the difference. [Now I know that] talent plus hard work plus money yields success.” That’s the story of how Patoranking rose to fame. Now a celebrated hit maker, Patoranking says he wants to give back to the society and serve as a role model to young Africans.

“Coming from the streets, I know what it means to give back to the streets because I know how it feels to live in the streets. I am going to take it one step at a time,” he concludes.

This year Patoranking returns to Coke Studio for a second time to collaborate with Tanzanian King Kiba. Watch all their music fusions produced by Masterkraft via