Meet Laura Beg: Mauritian Superstar

Island girl? More like Island superwoman.

Laura Beg is a singer-songwriter representing Mauritius on Coke Studio Africa Season 5. Seasoned, talented and insanely gorgeous, here’s a short intro on her:

1)  Her Voice is Super Versatile

As comfortable as she is whining her waist to dancehall hits, Laura Beg’s vocal prowess will blow you away when she belts out a slow love song.

She was awarded the Golden Star of Sega in Australia, so you can bet that she’ll make you wanna move your feet and then moments later make your body melt like hot cheese in the Mauritian sun with her Zouk.

2) She Is Mrs Mauritius Universe 2017

It’s no wonder; she is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Laura’s Bae-for-life is fellow musician Alain Ramanisum and they make a stunning power couple.

3) The World is Her Stage

Laura has toured all around the world, both as a member of a group and a solo artist. Not only has she been around Mauritius, but also she’s performed on stages in Paris and Melbourne.

Audiences have called her mesmerising and energetic, so expect some fire performances on Season 5 of Coke Studio Africa!