5 Things About Lizha James

Lizha James, famed for her Mozambican style Dzukuta Pandza is one of the biggest artistes in Lusophone Africa. She makes her debut on Coke Studio Africa Season 4 this year, alongside Kenyan genge group The Kansoul, in song collaborations produced by Bushingtone from Uganda. During a Coke Studio Africa Artist Takeover, Lizha took to Coca Cola’s Facebook Page in a live broadcast responding to her fans’ questions. From the interactive session, here’s what we compiled for you:

On Chemistry with The Kansoul

Lizha James was ecstatic about her first time on Coke Studio Africa praising her collaborators The Kansoul’s Kid Kora, Madtraxx and Mejja: “I am honored to work with The Kansoul. Apart from being amazing artistes, they are such a tight unit. Even when things go wrong, they always smile and got everyone’s back…they are also very talented and humble.”

On Her Musical journey

Her success in music includes hits songs like Chocolate and Quem Ti Mandou and allowed her to tour the world extensively. All these achievements took her a long time. Lizha recounted that story to her fans, revealing that music was her first love and that she has been singing professionally since she was 12 years of age.

“God gave me that gift as a child,” she said.

On Style & Fashion

Lizha’s music style fuses Marrabenta, Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop. Having acquired fans across all these genres, they wanted to know why she has changed her new music sound to afro house, and if she would ever record music using her old style again. Lizha said that she is open to all her fans, no matter what style they like, as music is always an expression.

“You’ll see that if I change my style again my fans of afro house will miss that Lizha again [so I have to keep balance].”

Fans also wondered if she would start a dancing school soon thanks to her dancing aptitude. She promised that it might happen soon.

Advice to New Artistes

Lizha has won several awards and accolades including: Prize TVZINE for Best Singer (Mozambique) in 2005, Prize TVZINE for Best Singer (Mozambique) in 2005, Channel O Music Video Awards - Best Female Video in 2006 and 2008; Best R&B Video in 2007; and Best Southern African Video in 2009.

For upcoming artistes to reach that level, she advised: “Always put God in command because he is the owner of success.”

On collaborations

Apart from collaborating with The Kansoul on Coke Studio Africa 4, Lizha has hit collaborations with some of Africa’s finest such as Uhuru from South Africa on Quem Ti Mandou. Responding to fans’ questions on whether she will be collaborating with more artistes across Africa in the future, she said she would love to collaborate with fellow Mozambican Hip Hop star Dama Do Bling, among artistes from several regions including East Africa in the coming months.