Jux: Rise of The African Boy

With a slew of chart topping songs such as “Utaniua”, “Zaidi”, “Wivu” and “Juu” featuring Vanessa Mdee under his belt, Tanzanian Bongo and R&B sensation Juma Jux is renowned for his impeccable style and sound. For many years, Jux has been balancing a career in music and business as the CEO and Founder of renowned fashion brand, African Boy, but 2018 was a defining year for him as it was the first where he concentrated fully on music.

Coke Studio Experience

He makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa 2019 paired with Mozambican songstress Shellsy Baronet – both produced by Lizer (Tanzania). He says this about their collaboration: “Shellsy is very talented, she likes to learn new stuff every day and share what she knows; she even sang in Swahili on some of the songs that we made on Coke Studio”.

He terms the show as a good platform for any artist who wants to go far and learn new things: “We have exchanged a lot in terms of music, creativity and culture during the making of our song. I know a lot more about Mozambique and she knows about Tanzania.”

The African Boy

As one of the most stylish East African artists, Jux has gone a step ahead and established his own fashion brand: The African Boy. Fashion to him is something close to his heart.  He advises: “Fashion is about how comfortable you are. I like to be unique and that’s why I started my own fashion line.”

The brand is set to expand as he has just signed a production deal with a company in China.

“African Boy is coming to the whole of East Africa, so watch out for that,” he says.

In Love and Money Tour

In 2018, with pop diva Vanessa Mdee by his side, the two hosted the most successful solo tour set up independently by Tanzanian acts in that East African country. They toured and sold out shows in five Tanzanian cities in a performance circuit dubbed “IN LOVE & MONEY TOUR”. He shares his lessons from the tour: “I learnt that I have a lot of fans and I can hold a professional show. It was not easy but you have to get out of your comfort zone to be able to achieve such a successful tour… Next time we will push further and maybe take it to Nairobi, Mombasa and even Burundi.”

Future plans

Inspired by the likes of Dully Sykes and TID, Jux is known for his love-inspired tracks. He is already working on his album set for release in 2019, where he shares: “I wanted my first album to be a love album - The Love Album.”

As his brand and fan base grow beyond Tanzania, he has plans to collaborate with Kenyan artists and already has a song with Nyashinski that was released just weeks ago. He also admits that he would also love to do a remix of the song “Hi” by Otile Brown.

“I want my legacy is to inspire artists and have artistes who look up to me,” he concludes.