Cate Mukei | NEWS | 10 December, 2015


Every male artiste participating on Coke Studio Season III was unique in his own way. These traits range from voice to style and even physical looks. Here are the seven sexiest. Do you agree with this list?

Mr Flavour N’abania (Nigeria)

I was lucky that I wasn’t thrown out during his press conference because my questions were a bit too personal. But would you blame me? Don’t we all want to know how lucky one man can be? I mean - he has the abs, the voice and is well to do. I confess that at some point I wanted to ask him if he could let the ladies touch his abs. Just to confirm they were real.

By the way how did you find his mash up with Uganda’s Juliana Kanyomozi? Did you notice the chemistry? Watch them again on Juliana’s new song: Nakupenda.


Maurice Kirya (Uganda)

Am I the only one who finds soft-spoken men intriguing?But is Maurice really soft-spoken? After spending a few days with Maurice and interviewing him whenever I could I discovered that he is not really soft-spoken, but still maintains a gentleman’s demeanour. You would have thought him to actually be the host at Coke Studio Africa. He was always curious to see if everyone was ok. Everyone including Coke Studio Executive Director David Sanders spoke highly of him. He had quite some chemistry with his mash up partner Tanzania’s Fid Q - which is rare between artistes of the same gender.


G2 (Mozambique)

What’s not to love about G2? He is like the Usher of Africa. It was really sexy to hear him speak fluent English with a Portuguese accent. It was also great to see him do justice to mash ups with Ugandan rapper Navio.


Alikiba (Tanzania)

Alikiba has something on his fans! He is the only East African artiste who can go missing for year, make a comeback and still reconnect like nothing ever happened.Maybe it’s the fact that he is good looking, has a nice voice or even that his songs have longevity. When you listen keenly to his mash up with Kenya’s Victoria Kimani you will notice that Alikiba has also matured musically.


Sauti Sol (Kenya) x Ice Prince Zamani (Nigeria)

We had to put these together. The men of Sauti Sol paired with Ice Prince Zamani provided the sexiest all-male mash up of the season. Ice Prince is good looking especially when he wears white. Sauti Sol always look sexy irrespective of what they wear. Ice Prince is very confident. During the NE-YO meet and greet party at Sankara he picked the mic from the MC and calmly yet boldly told the crowd to keep quiet and they listened… Isn’t that sexy?


NE-YO (America)

Even if he took off his hat and disclosed what is beneath it I’m sure he would still be alluring. He is social, knows how to deal with the media and he went to the local Kenyan club Tamasha. Even if he were not a superstar, NE-YO still has the looks, style and dance moves!


Cate Mukei
Cate Mukei is a Kenyan showbiz journalist. She runs a gossip Column in one of the local newspapers in Kenya. She loves drama:-)
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