Gospel Hitmaker Moji Shortbabaa makes it to Coke Studio

Groove Award winning artist - Moji Shortbabaa is one of Kenya’s top gospel music artists. Currently riding on fame and acclaim from his chart-topping hit “Vimbada”, Moji becomes the second gospel artist to be featured on Coke Studio Africa, after Kenyan act Bahati. Moji has joined Coke Studio Africa for the 2019 season. He collaborates with Ethiopian act Bisrat Surafel with the duo produced by Kenya’s Magic Mike. We caught up with him at the Coke Studio Africa recording studios for a quick chat:

Sentiments on being the second gospel artist on the show

Moji is honoured and elated to be among the artists from Kenya on Coke Studio’s 2019 edition. He says of the experience: “It’s such a good feeling! As an artist, you pray every day that your music will penetrate and get to the places you never expected. Being a gospel artist doesn’t make me any different from any other artist. I have always wanted to be recognized among other top acts so being called on Coke Studio, to me is an appreciation and recognition of my craft.”

Rise to Fame

Moji ShortBabaa started out his career as part of the Kenyan popular gospel duo: Kelele Takatifu (now defunct) that was initiated in high school. The group comprising of Moji and Didiman rose to national fame with hit singles including “Ngori”, “Bamba Mbaya” and “Aina Noma”, alongside a successful album titled “Ndoto Za Kupaa”. This was before Moji went solo in 2016 and kept a steady growth into fame by releasing a slew of successful singles among them: “Kuzitoka”, “Wacha Story”, “Mitumba” and “Hajawai Niangusha” featuring Guardian Angel and DK Kwenye Beat. He shares his secret to success: “Having my own plan, being consistent and prayerful is what has held me up. I have steadily built my fan base over the years. When you keep working on your craft, eventually the right person will see it.”


Moji loving his Coke Studio experience

Moji, who is working with Ethiopian star Bisrat in Coke Studio Africa 2019, considers Coke Studio his biggest music project yet, in all aspects of production. He concludes on what has impressed him most about his experience on the show: “The entire Coke Studio crew is professional at what they do. There is so much synergy and every section works together seamlessly.”