5 Things you Didn’t Know About Bruce Melodie


The R&B and Soul singer from Rwanda, Bruce Melodie, makes it into Coke Studio Africa 2017 as the first artist from Rwanda to join the show. While collaborating with Kenyan rapper Khaligraph, we caught up with Bruce at the show’s recording in Nairobi to squeeze out some interesting info for his fans across Africa. Here are the best 5 things about Bruce:

The name Melodie was inspired by his lovely melodies

Before starting a solo career in music, Bruce would teach a choir on their melodies and that inspired his stage name. He says: “My parents named me Bruce and then I had a friend who was a producer and a choir director. Everyday I was the one who was supposed to go and give his choir melodies – the choir members would always ask for me as ‘the boy with the melodies’. It was after that stint that I decided to call myself Melodie/Melody.”

Coke Studio is a dream come true

Before getting on Coke Studio Africa 2017, Bruce had been working towards the platform. He says: “I have worked so hard for about 4 years to get on Coke Studio Africa, I had even tried to contact them. When I was called I knew it’s because of my hard work and consistency. I am very happy and thankful.”

Bruce and Papa Jones merge R&B and Rap at Coke Studio

Even though unexpected, Bruce is impressed with his collaborations with rapper Khaligraph aka Papa Jones. Bruce says: “I have always wanted to work with fellow singers so when I was paired with Khaligraph I was wondering how it would happen, but after working with him, I now know that the team picking the pairings at Coke Studio - know what they do. Khaligraph and I match so well, and I like him because he is a hard worker.”

Bruce’s third album is – “Complete Me”

Bruce reveals that his third album is titled “Complete Me” and will have a title track with the same name. The album should be out mid – 2017. He also revealed that his hit song Ikinya will feature in the album. He says: “Ikinya is about good drinks and the song is a big hit in Kigali. I have two other singles from the album to release.”

Support good music

Bruce urges fans of African music to offer their full support. He says: “Search for the good music and listen. Support good artists and good music not forgetting that your favourite artists are ambassadors of your country. Attend more shows so artists can also make money for their hard work and input.”