Ethiopian music queen ‘Betty G’ on her Coke Studio return


In 2017, one of Ethiopia’s fastest rising music stars Betty G of the “Yekelekilal” hit returns to Coke Studio Africa for a second time, this time collaborating with Tanzanian singer Nandy. Last year she was paired on the show with Cameroonian music group: X Maleya. Betty G says, “This year’s show is going to be epic! I am excited about working with Nandy and the sound we are creating is very authentic and that feeds my soul.”


Betty G’s ability to sing in French, English and Amharic has given her an edge in Ethiopia’s music scene as she continues to draw an international audience towards her sound that can best be described as mellow, smooth and sultry. In person, Betty G seems delicate but on stage she transforms to become an energetic performer and power vocalist. On Coke Studio Africa – 2017 she joins other Ethiopioan acts: Jano Band, Dawit Nega, Sami Dan and Asgegnew Ashko in flaunting the heritage of Ethiopian music. Ethiopian music is celebrated as one of Africa’s most authentic and untouched by foreign influence.


On Coke Studio Africa – 2017, Betty G also feature on a special episode dubbed ‘The Global Fusion Edition’ alongside Coke Studio Africa’s international guest star – the American Pop/R&B star Jason Derulo alongside 10 other African stars. Speaking at a Nairobi press conference held at Sarova Stanley, Betty G said, “I never thought I would work with so many other African artists or International artists because we are well placed politically but musically we are not known,” adding, “Getting this opportunity to work with Jason Derulo [] whom I danced to his music is definitely a dream come true.”


Betty G’s stature in the music industry has also been defined by key collaborations with prominent Ethiopian artists including Teddy Afro, Zeritu Kebede, Jhonny Raga and Natael Ayalew (Nhatty Man). It’s undisputed that Betty G is slowly among a set of artists taking Ethiopian music to the next level. With her magic voice, and her own renditions of pop, she continues to blend new and old Ethiopian music with emerging genres like afro pop and afro beat slowly gaining popularity in Ethiopia in particular.


Away from the music, Betty is also a mother and wife who says that her hobbies include meeting new people, visiting new places and getting new experiences. Betty attended Lycee Gebre Mariam, a French High School. She would later join the Commercial College of Addis Ababa and a French University, Universite de L”IAE Politier, via correspondence, graduating in 2009 with a dual degree in Office Management and General Management.


On Coke Studio, Betty G and Nandy are produced by super star Tanzanian music producer: Nahreel. Catch all their music performances on