Discover The Hitmaker Behind “Atchu Tchutcha”

Angola’s legendary artiste Yuri da Cunha of the hit song Atchu Tchutcha makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa season 4, this year, in an opportune way. He is paired alongside Nigerian artiste Flavour, whom he says he was looking to collaborate with before his Coke Studio Africa stint, only to arrive and find them paired together. While recording the show in Nairobi, Yuri took over Coca Cola’s Facebook and Twitter page to respond to his fans’ questions regarding his music. We compiled a few titbits you did not know about Yuri da Cunha. Here goes:

On his Musical Journey

With a musical career spanning over 22 years, Yuri has been making music from the age of six years, as soon as he entered the Escola Pia from the National School of Angola, thanks to his passion. He said: “It was there that I understood that I wanted to follow this path even with all the struggles that I would encounter.”

His success can be measured by the fact that he is one of the most influential Angolan artistes who’ve contributed to the international growth of African music.

On Team Work

One may wonder how he has remained relevant over the years. Yuri shared his secret: “I had help from very good people because nobody gets to rise or maintain success alone.” He also revealed to his fans that apart from writing his own songs, he has also previously contracted other songwriters to assist in composing his hit collections – even if just to make sure they become bangers.

On Success

Despite his musical success and numerous accolades, the multiple-award winner has remained humble and true to his beliefs and fans. He cites the entry of Angolan music into the international music arena as a milestone. He mentioned that the fight for Angolan music to make its way into Portugal has brought so much power to their industry, and added: “It was worth it! Feeling like you are where you should be and have accomplished your mission feels very pleasing.”

On Future Endeavors

During the Artiste Takeover, a fan asked about Mozambican artistes he would love to work with given that their sound is almost similar to Angola’s. Yuri’s response was: “I am still analyzing the songs I have and who would be a better contribution if I joined both countries in music that has cultural identity.”

Speaking on the probability of him having a label to support new and upcoming talent, Yuri revealed that at the moment he is eyeing someone for some big plans.

“Right now we are preparing to launch a new young artiste.”

On Yuri’s Hobbies

Incorporating musical styles like Semba, Kizomba, Zouk, Kilapanga, Kazucuta and Kintuene, Yuri is celebrated for contributing to the international growth of Angolan music, especially in Semba. When he isn’t on tour and not making music, Yuri revealed that he is just a simple man who enjoys quality time with those close to him.

“I love being with my family and friends and playing football.”