Discover Music Grooves: The New Coke Studio Africa Mobile App

Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive show seeking to demonstrate the diversity of African musical talent.  The show creates a vibrant music fusion platform whereby musicians and music producers from around the continent collaborate to produce and create great music and sounds.

The brand new Season 4 brings together artistes from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ethiopia, DRC, Togo, Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. The ability to listen to music from Coke Studio Africa across the world has never been more accessible, as Season 4 introduces the Coke Studio Africa mobile app for the very first time.

The Coke Studio Africa mobile app is a free music app for Android available on the Google Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store.  With navigation in 5 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Swahili and Amharic, the app promises a new avenue to listen to and discover music from Africa’s biggest stars.  The free music app allows users to:

•       Stream songs

•       Create a playlist based on personal taste

•       Download MP3s for offline playing

•       Follow Coke Studio Africa on social media


Video and MP3 files for each song are available for free download on the app after each episode airs on television, alongside additional music from previous Seasons 2 and 3. The videos are also available on the Coke Studio Africa official channel on YouTube, where one can always go back to discover more grooves and comment on their favourite songs and artistes.

To keep up with all Coke Studio Africa related information including songs, artistes, music collaborations and television airing times, follow the hashtag #CokeStudioAfrica and find us online on the following pages:


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