5 Things About Radio and Weasel

The award-winning Ugandan duo Radio & Weasel make their debut on the fourth season of Coke Studio Africa this year. The Goodlyfe Crew members are loved across East Africa for their danceable songs like Ability, Zuena, Nakudata and Ngenda Maaso. During a Coke Studio Africa Artist Takeover session Radio & Weasel took over Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page to respond to their fans’ questions. Here’s what they revealed:

On music


One of Coke Studio Africa 4’s producers Bushingtone from Uganda is responsible for co-producing most of Radio & Weasel’s songs. These hit songs have earned the group multiple awards and various accolades across Africa. Radio explained what music means to them and the reason why most of their fans remain loyal: “Music is our calling in life and this motivates us to go on each day. Our fans relate to our music because we sing about life, nature and reality.”


On more hit collabos


If you thought that Radio and Weasel have enough hit collaborations – think again. Coke Studio Africa 4 has paired them with Togo’s most successful music duo: Toofan. They revealed that they would be releasing more collaborations with various artistes around Africa as they are interested in working with acts such as Tanzanian singer Diamond, as well as Coke Studio Africa 4 artistes: Sauti Sol from Kenya and Cynthia Morgan from Nigeria. “Stay tuned for the big surprise,” they said.


On their Bromance


Many wonder why Radio & Weasel have stayed together for as long as we can remember. It’s a combination of sorts – from friendship and respect to collaboration and accommodating each other. They explained: “We remain well-grounded while at the same time respect and understand each other. Through good communication with our fans, [we are able to deliver on] what they are expecting - good quality music.”


On new & old styles


During the Takeover, a fan asked Radio why he decided to change his trademark dreadlocked hairstyle. He replied: “I just wanted a new style and to look young as well.”


Speaking on the origin of his musical style and stage name, he responded to a fan by saying: “My friends in high school used to say I sing like a radio so I decided to go with that name.”


On future endeavours


Radio & Weasel are ready to take over Africa. They asserted: “We are hit makers so always expect hits every year from us.” In addition to their Coke Studio Africa project, Radio & Weasel promise their fans bigger and better concerts this year as well as in 2017. Their advice to upcoming artistes is to “keep going and never give up.”