10 Things You Don’t Know About Avril!

Number 4 Will Shock You!

The answer to what Avril thinks about headlines like this is at 1.49 of her latest video, Uko? Umm… just don’t risk messing with her.

The all-grown-up Avril hesitantly tried the music industry out when she was just in her 2nd year of University.  She was the sound of youthful naiveté… sweetness with cherries on top.

But time has done to her what a master jeweller does with a diamond that was beautiful to begin with. He/she has chiselled her out and made her brilliant.

Her voice, which began as a sweet, vulnerable girl begging her mother to understand that she had fallen in love, has become a weapon that makes you stop and pay attention to the challenges of a woman living in the public eye.

She is no stranger to Coke Studio Africa, and yet by just looking at the glint in her eye, you can tell there’s something different about what she’s bringing to the table on Season 5.

What gives her even more edge is that she is more than her world-class singing and dance moves. She is an accomplished actress, songwriter, and bold in her stance against online bullying.

With all that fire, she still surprises and humbles those she meets, including Izzo Bizness, who quietly listened as she taught him how to cook during a Coke Studio Africa shoot.

She is tough and at the same time vulnerable; open yet mysterious.

Avril. Say that name with caution. Be humble – it’s either the Avie way, or the highway.