Trey Songz Mentors Sauti Academy Singers

The guest star of Coke Studio Africa season 4 Trey Songz had a lot of talent to share during his trip to Nairobi.

The Grammy-award winning American R&B/hip-hop artiste met with students from one of Kenya’s leading artist development programs – Sauti Academy. The academy is responsible for mentoring the careers of a number of successful new artistes in the Kenyan music landscape with their alumni including Waithera, Prisca Ojwang’, Silas Miami, Elani, H_art the Band and KIU.


Trey gave the students a chance to interact with him, jam and even ask questions. Most of their questions centred on the challenges of making it big as a musician and how to build on a music career. One of the students wanted Trey to explain how he has managed to build a solid fan base and following on social media throughout his career.


Trey said, “I was blessed enough that when I started music social networking was what it is today… Show people what you want them to see because people are drawn to what is genuine – show your talent.”


Another student wanted to know how to go about getting bookings and shows. Trey advised: “The thing about growing your talent is remaining consistent and rising above challenges – turn negative to positives and make that one show – the best show.”


Sharon wanted to know how Trey manages the tough balance between his personal and professional life and he answered: “It’s not about music entirely when you become an artiste as it becomes about you and your life. It’s about having a balance of the people around you - they need to keep you grounded and humble. Individuality is also key – be true to yourself and whatever you to do. Love yourself and what you aspire to be.”


Trey’s connection with the artistes was insightful. After the talk, the students expressed feelings of happiness, optimism, and gratitude to Trey and Coke Studio as well as a determination to keep practicing and sharing their music.