Q&A with Jaaz Odongo: Producer Speak

Jennifer Ochieng | NEWS | 6 January, 2016


Jaaz Odongo is a jack of all trades. He has a knack for artist management, he’s also a music producer, sound engineer, content creator and record label owner. He says, “As the owner of Motion, Image and Sounds I work with a reliable team that I trust to help me put everything together.”

We caught up with him to talk all things Coke Studio Africa:

Could you describe your experience of working as a producer on Coke Studio Africa III in comparison to the previous season that you worked on too?

It was an interesting season! Incorporating many talented producers to work on the tracks early enough made the music sound even better. There was a lot more focus on everyone – the artistes, producers and house band - working on the mash ups. After doing it that many times, everyone from Season I has gotten better at their job. There’s always improvement when you keep doing something, it’s like getting better with age.

Tell us more about working with Uganda’s Navio and Mozambique’s G2.

It was a fun experience getting to work with two very hard working artistes from different countries. I was surprised at how Navio is a complete superstar, yet still a humble guy.

What were your most challenging or easy mash ups?

I can’t say they were easier or hard because I took time on all of them. I think the challenge was more looking not only at the music but at what the two songs were about and trying to match their different elements.

Do you have a favourite mash up?

I liked the Kigozi/Swag mash up just because it had so many elements to it. If you listen to it you’ll realize that there is that amazing choir towards the end.

What do you remember most about the show’s music director: Zwai Bala?

We all know Zwai from TKZee days so to have him on Coke Studio Africa was a big deal. When you work with someone like him, you get to appreciate how experienced he is. He knew how to make things work and move forward.

What are some of things that you’ve learned from Coke Studio Africa?

I gained more experience in terms of working with people from different parts of Africa and artistes who have different styles of music. I’ve learnt how to make everyone fit in the sound.

What are your projects outside Coke Studio Africa?

We just released Kato Change’s album called: The Change Experience that features other cool artistes like Lisa Noah, who used to be a vocalist on Coke Studio Africa. I am also producing music for other Kenyan artistes.

Jaaz Odongo’s Quick Five

  1. He used to be in a rock band a while back.
  2. He’s a soccer fanatic, allied to Man United.
  3. He’s into politics.
  4. He has worked with Kato Change even before Coke Studio Africa.
  5. He likes to be in touch with what’s happening around him.



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