Producer Speak: Musyoka Loving Mash Ups

Ms. Anyiko Owoko | NEWS | 10 December, 2015


Eric Musyoka is one of the most talented yet mysterious Kenyan music producers. For a long time, his hit records have ruled airwaves while he has maintained a private lifestyle. Many know the hit maker just by name but few can say they know his face.

I finally pinned down Musyoka – one of the sound and mixing engineers and mash up producers - on the third season of Coke Studio Africa. He was tasked with mashing up the sounds and genres of Nigerian rapper Olamide and Marrabenta Queen Neyma from Mozambique.

Musyoka says: “I have produced mash ups before Coke Studio Africa. In fact I produced some of the most successful Kenyan mash ups. However, the biggest challenge has been mashing up Neyma and Olamide’s music. It was more than the language issue. Trying to find one beat for all was hard and I found myself a bit biased to the more aggressive sound of Olamide. Most of Neyma’s songs are minimalistic so there were very few elements I could steal without affecting her music.

Neyma and Olamide’s mash ups would emerge as the season’s top bangers and danceable tracks. Musyoka credits this entirely to the show’s new mash up format.

“Mash ups are a great idea especially when working with two different artistes. They are good because they give life to a song. In fact, some of the biggest songs out there are derived on mash ups. You find a song that people already knew, taken and added onto a new one to give a totally new form and vibe.”

Right after Coke Studio Africa season III, Musyoka says he is keen on working with Fid Q. On the show, Fid Q performed mash ups with Maurice Kirya, as produced by Tanzanian star producer Nahreel. While at Coke Studio, Fid Q also asked me about Musyoka, before the two met in Kenya. Looks like Fid and Musyoka’s planned project will be a match made in heaven.

In conclusion, Musyoka says: “Producers always want to change stuff days later but once it’s done – it’s done. I am very happy with Neyma and Olamide’s mash up performances. They are way beyond my expectations. I really loved Linrandzu/Durosoke mash ups and the acoustic version of Eledami/Poeira, its more mature and musical. Durosoke and Liranzu was a club hit. Kina Marrabenta/Skelemba was also a club hit but very African.”

Watch Olamide and Neyma Behind The Music at Coke Studio Africa



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