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I remember first seeing the Coke Studio Africa Mash Up pairings, even before they were out on TV, while at the office of the show’s executive producer David Sanders. Then it was still top secret, especially to gossip journalists like me.

My reaction? Goose bumps! I knew Season III was bound to be fireworks, as is the case now. I was right. Forget the top most voted mash ups, here are the pairings Kenya truly loved:

Flavour (Nigeria) & Juliana Kanyomozi (Uganda)

The chemistry between these two was so undeniable that a fan suggested on the YouTube comments section that they should get married already. During their press conference in Nairobi, the two even completed each other’s sentences. Did you notice how they stared at each other’s eyes throughout their mash ups?


Yemi Alade (Nigeria) & Sauti Sol (Kenya)

The Shake your Bam Bam and Temperature mash up produced by award-winning Cobhams Asuquo brought together two monster African acts.All the musicians in these songs share a lot in common. Sauti Sol are very focused and disciplined just like Yemi Alade, who credits her discipline to her Police Inspector father.


Victoria Kimani (Kenya) & Alikiba (Tanzania)

It was the silky voiced Alikiba from Tanzania and the Kenyan goddess Victoria Kimani’s mash ups that totally rocked Kenya hard. We have to admit that Victoria is one of the few dark skinned women who can wear bright colored hair and get away with it.


2 Face Idibia (Nigeria) & Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania)

The wizard Cobhams Asuquo did it again with the production of the African Queen/Nobody But me mash up. African Queen is 2 Face’s magnum opus and the new version of it was just as classic. Vanessa on the other hand sounded as good as she looked.


Neyma (Mozambique) & Olamide (Nigeria)

Apart from the fact that Mozambique’s Neyma is very pretty, fashionable and can shake her body, that girl can also sing! She loved being part of this project so much that she even extended her stay in Kenya just to learn more and also expand her music networks.Back to the mash ups, most Kenyans as well as Africans don’t comprehend Portuguese but this didn’t stop them from loving Neyma’s sweet music.

What were your best pairings? Leave your comments.


Cate Mukei
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