Ian Arunga | NEWS | 9 November, 2015


Family is important to me. Family overrules all – every problem, every girlfriend, every job, everything. There are different types of families. Families you choose, families you inherit, families you can't get rid of, like the ones you forged in high school and so every time there is a reunion or a Whatsapp group, you have to participate in it – unless you are kind of a snob.

You know what else makes families? Art.

I can immediately identify whether I am going to like a person by their taste in music. If they like Michael Jackson, we can be friends. If they like trap music, we can go to the club together. If they enjoy Iggy, nothing is ever going to recalibrate the chasm that will open between us.

I like family, and I like art. So when I knew Owuor Arunga was coming for Coke Studio Africa, I was excited that I would be getting both. Owuor, my cousin, is the trumpeter and producer for Macklemore. His horns are felt in at least half of their major hits, including Growing Up, Macklemore's dedication to his new daughter. Owuor’s talent is the best kind – a sponge that draws everything he can from everything around him.

Owuor’s stint as a producer on Coke Studio Africa has been an interesting journey for me to watch. Last year was the first time he was on the show and I knew it was going to be good. He featured in performances with Marlene and Rabbit on a couple of their hits such as Ligi Soo and Preta Negra. The rendition of Ligi Soo took my breath away as it did for many fans of the show. It was a beautiful version. This season, he is in on the action as well, working with Alikiba – who is making a musical revolution himself, and Afro Di’ja, an artiste who burst onto the scene with fire in her form.

Watch Owuor’s production of Hernani Da Silva and Di’Ja’s Whatsapp/Yaro mash up.


The choice of artistes and the production sums up a lot of the things I like about Coke Studio Africa. It’s the beauty. The people on stage are not just on stage. They are not just fantastic performers. They are also people who are a part of a family – a family of African art makers and thought changers. This unique family, is a musical dynasty.


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