Coke Studio Africa Sets The Bar High

Denis Machio | NEWS | 15 December, 2015


It’s very simple, really. African music is growing to the next level. This is not a call to confine artistes to pressurized cannons. However, African artistes should not be scared to spend money on quality productions rather than opting for quick and cheap videos or productions.

Music fans in their masses are yearning for top-notch productions, which is why Coke Studio Africa is so well received — and this is something Uganda’s music diva, Juliana Kanyomozi is also keen on.

She says: “If you look at East Africa, for example, the video qualities of our products are not up to the standards of productions in West Africa, where artistes spend millions just to produce one song.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a stoic Roman Philosopher, once said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. In the African music industry sense, one such opportunity has come in the form of Coke Studio Africa, which has brought out a different experience to regional music by setting up a multi-million dollar studio in Nairobi, Kenya.

The show has also provided employment opportunities for over 100 professionals who for several months worked round-the-clock to deliver a quality television show, broadcasting across Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique and on multiple platforms, including MTV Base.

According to one of West Africa’s finest music producers, Masterkraft, technology has now made music recording easier with room for more quality productions. He says for music to live long, an artiste must also be able to perform it well.

“For me, Coke Studio Africa has brought a new dimension to live music in Africa and the audience must watch,” he concludes.

By bringing together some of the finest superstars on the continent, Coke Studio Africa is setting a trend in Africa’s growing entertainment industry – boasting a state-of-the-art audio and visual environment complete with 150 stage lights.

Producer Silvastone says: “Talent is only 20 percent, but the rest depends on how you push the songs out. Artistes have to invest in their products, but most importantly, artistes are supposed to put in more time on their own productions.”

To all artistes out there, so much opportunity to learn in the New Year: Happy 2016!


Denis Machio
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