Biggest Season of Coke Studio Africa Yet - Set to Premiere This Oct!

Ms Anyiko Owoko | NEWS | 30 September, 2015


Audiences across Africa have been patiently waiting for the premiere of the third season of Coke Studio Africa. You must have seen short YouTube promos, trends on Twitter and Instagram, or maybe saw the life size billboards with your favourite artistes set to feature on the show. Many are curious as to what this new season will offer. You will be presented with 27 of Africa’s biggest and most promising music stars drawn from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique.

Unlike the show’s previous collaborations style between two artistes, this season the format changes to spotlight the latest music trend: music mash-ups. To make this idea come to life, the makers of Coke Studio Africa have enlisted some the most futuristic music producers from across the continent and beyond to direct and bring the mash-ups to life. Before the production of the season began, all artistes sent songs to producers. A producer then picked several songs from an artiste duo to mash-upWhen the artistes arrive on the show, they will be hearing the new music mash-up for the first time with the audience, as the show’s new treatment gets explained to them before rehearsals and the final recording. A lot more reality should be expected in the sense that when things go wrong or don’t sound right, it will be the duty of the artistes and producers to reach an amicable solution. Expect a lot of surprises, tension and redemption thanks to sweet mash-ups.

The coolest yet unknown DJ returns on the show this season. Unlike season II where he wouldn’t meet the artistes before performances, this season the Unknown DJ is present from the time the artistes hear the mash-up till their performances. The Unknown DJ will be producing the show’s club hit/anthem – what will be referred to as song No. 4. Later on in the season he will take off to an unknown destination, we only know that he will be flying Kenya Airways.

This season, the producers have also introduced Cyphers. Rappers and mcees already on the show including Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), MI (Nigeria), Navio (Uganda) among others will be featured on the rap and freestyle platform. More rappers and femcees will be invited to feature on the Coke Studio Africa Cyphers. For those who might not be hip hop heads, Coke Studio Africa artistes will present two-minute acoustic music Showcases that will present stripped down versions of their compositions.

There will be a lot more surprises. Expect dashing fashion and styling both from the artistes and the house band. There is a new music director: former TKzee member Zwai Bala, also a Grammy-award nomine. You will also enjoy some coketales – an in depth short and sweet package of artistes’ personal stories of their journey to success. At last, there will be a Coke Studio Africa album. That’s all we can reveal for now.

The voice of Coke Studio Africa will remain the same and localized for every region. New season premieres across Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique premieres October 11th 2015. Don’t miss the action!

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Ms Anyiko Owoko
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