5 Things About Yamoto Band

The celebrated Tanzanian music group, Yamoto Band, of the hit song Nitakupwelepweta make their debut on Coke Studio Africa season 4 this year. They have been paired with Ethiopian hip hop artiste Lij Michael, famed for the song Zaraye Yehun Nege—another first-timer on season 4. While in Nairobi during the recording of the show, the group took over Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page via a live broadcast to answer their fans’ questions. Here’s what you probably didn’t know about the Bongo royalty in the making:

No New Friends

Individual Yamoto Band members don’t have Facebook accounts so the group’s fans were thrilled to see all group members on the Coke Studio Africa Artist Takeover session. Many fans wanted to know if the members: Dogo Aslay, Maromboso, Enock Bella and Beka 1 would ever add a new member, probably a female, into the group. Their response: “We don’t have such plans as our group is enough as it is.”


Music is Life

Yamoto Band’s music tackles everyday societal life occurrences touching on the subjects of family, relationships and love. They said: “With music comes more than fame. It has enriched our lives and through it we have changed the lives of our families.”

The group say they will soon be releasing details of their debut album.


Diamond is our Mentor

When Yamoto Band rose to fame with the release of their first single, they were spotted with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz severally. It’s not clear the role Diamond played in the inception of the group and even his current involvement. They simply said: “Diamond is our mentor and part of our management. Through following his moves and advice, we have learned a lot from his artistic direction and smart strategy.”


Discipline is Key

Yamoto Band assert that for any group or collaboration to succeed there must be set rules on how to run the business, and respect for each other. They said: “The rules and regulations we set for ourselves are what got us to the level we are today. Without adhering we wouldn’t have been here today.”


New Yamoto Projects

Fans wanted to know when Yamoto Band would be releasing new music. They answered: “We have been cautious not to release songs without thinking through on how we can have more meaningful messages in our songs. However, we are ready to release new material soon. We are ecstatic about working with Lij Michael and looking forward to fusing Bongo Flava with genres from Ethiopia. Coke Studio Africa is at a larger scale than anything we have ever worked on before and for that we are excited.”