Joh Makini on Uniting Africa

Respected Tanzanian rapper Joh Makini of the hit song Don’t Bother returns to Coke Studio Africa for the second time on it’s fourth season this year. He will be collaborating with Nigerian BET award-winning artiste Falz The Bahd Guy for the first time in songs produced by France-based producer DSK (originally from Ivory Coast). While in Nairobi during the recording of the show, Joh featured on Coke Studio Africa’s Artist Takeover via Twitter to respond to questions from his fans. We got to find out Joh’s secret to success among things you probably didn’t know. Here goes:

On Weusi’s Legacy

Joh hails from Weusi – one of Tanzania’s most respected hip hop groups. Weusi was co-founded by Joh Makini, Bonta, G Nako, Lord Eyes and Nikki wa Pili. Joh’s fans were ecstatic with the news of his return to Coke Studio Africa, since his season 2 stint and collaboration with Nigerian singer Chidinma. However, they wanted to know what other projects Weusi will be working on. Joh promised that there is more to come after his hit Coke Studio Africa collaboration with Falz. He said, “The hit songs that I will be releasing will be by Weusi since we are one unit - Weusi are here to stay so watch out for more music!”

On Language & Music

Fusing English and Swahili in his seamless rap flow, Joh‘s music has transcended Tanzania borders over the past years. On Coke Studio Africa 4, Joh will be teaching Falz some Swahili as Falz will in turn teach him some Naija Pidgin. Joh said, “I believe music is a universal language that is understood by everybody.” This was to reiterate his belief that music transcends any language as long as you deliver it with one heart.

On Hard Work

Joh shared his sentiments on his musical journey with his fans, revealing that it was only through hard work and dedication that he managed to overcome his challenges and achieve musical success around Africa. He advised upcoming artists to “be creative in your music projects”.

On New Collabos

Joe Makini is currently riding high with the hit single Perfect Combo featuring Nigerian singer Chidinma. On more cross cultural collaborations that will highlight East African talent, Joe said, “Tanzanian hip hop has way more fans than the rest of East African artistes but I believe that music fans are present allover East Africa. If a song is hot then people will love it.” He revealed that he will be releasing more hit collaborations with various artistes around Africa and is interested in working with Tanzanian top shots: Alikiba and Diamond.

On Unifying East African Music

Joh Makini is ready to take over Africa. He said, “I intend to improve and do bigger things in the music industry because my plan is to grow hip hop in Africa and worldwide,” concluding, “It’s good for us as East Africans to love other genres but we can’t forget about our identity,” adding, “It is the responsibility of East African fans and artistes to unite to push our music to the next level.”