Henok Mehari on The Legend of The Mehari Brothers

We caught up with the acclaimed Ethiopian artiste Henok Mehari of the Mehari Brothers in Nairobi, during the recording of Coke Studio Africa season 4. On the show, Henok is collaborating with Nigerian Dancehall siren Cynthia Morgan. Both artistes are first-timers on the show and will be produced by top Nigerian talent Masterkraft. Henok got close and personal with his fans when he took over Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page to respond to their questions. Of course we had to compile a list of things you probably didn’t know about Henok, here goes:

On his Solo Career

The multi-talented singer and songwriter is also a producer, guitarist and pianist. During the Takeover he stated that among all guitars his absolute love is for the acoustic guitar. A fan asking about his next concert in Ethiopia definitely got a positive response. “I have a big plan to do a concert in Mekelle and all major cities of Ethiopia soon!” Henok also said that he has produced most of the songs in his album, revealing: “Most of the songs were written by myself and three songs by Zeritu Kebede.”

On Founding Mehari Brothers

In 2006, Henok founded the all-brothers group Mehari Brothers comprising of Robel, Lwam and Halal Mehari. The Mehari Brothers have ushered in a number of diverse bands in their hometown as well as performed alongside some of Ethiopia’s best artistes and international icons such as the legendary U2.

Strict Music Master

Henok is also skilled in other music ventures. He manages Mehari Brothers and has steered the group’s performance for over a decade now. He said: “They know that I am very strict and even created a nickname around my strictness. Every time we have an event or rehearsals, it’s work time and every body knows that they can’t be late because I don’t allow that.”

On Religion

Henok is a born again Christian citing his faith in God as what has made a big difference along his musical journey. Before Henok became a force to reckon with in the music industry, his gospel background shaped his career from the young age of eleven.

On Getting Personal

Most people will look far away for role models but Henok looks closer home. He says his mother and father are his main role models. Musically speaking he cited Elias Melka, Abegazu Shiota and Henock Temesgen as his mentors with Elias Melka being his number one advisor and a consultant to one of his successful albums 790. During the Facebook Takeover, Henok also opened up to his fans about his family and more: “I have a wife and two kids and my favourite city is Addis Ababa.”

On his future plans, he stated: “live life and do good music to the fullest.”