5 Things About Sauti Sol

The award-winning Afro-pop band from Kenya, Sauti Sol, comprises Bien Aime Baraza, Willis Austin Chimano, Polycarp Otieno and Savara Mudigi. This year they make their second appearance on Coke Studio Africa, paired with renowned Lingala entertainer from DRC Fally Ipupa and Nigerian songstress Simi. Speaking directly to fans during a Coke Studio Africa Takeover session via Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page live, Sauti Sol shared their secret to success, among other things you probably didn’t know about them.

On Discovering Simi

On season four of Coke Studio Africa, Sauti Sol will also be collaborating with Nigerian singer Simi, best known for her hit single, Jamb Question. Savara said: “It’s so cool that we are working with Simi. It’s funny because we were just checking out her music videos recently on YouTube not knowing that we would be paired with her. She’s such an amazing artiste and we were surprised to discover that she is also a production engineer and producer.”

On Catchy Music

Sauti Sol’s music is inspired by their day-to-day lives and events. This has resulted in Nerea, Nishike and Unconditionally Bae - hit songs that their fans easily relate to. The group is also known as one of the best live performers in East Africa. They advise fellow musicians to incorporate the following in their stage acts: “live instruments, quality sound, stage, screens, lighting and choreography to pull off a good live performance.”

On Brotherhood

Since first meeting at their former high school, Upper Hill, Sauti Sol members have remained friends and haven’t forgotten the days when they sang in their school choir - Voice in the Light. They said: “We were friends first, before music and this has been key for us as it keeps our music making process smooth.” While recording Coke Studio Africa, the group paid a visit to their former school to relive memories and surprise the students. A video posted on Sauti Sol’s Facebook of them singing an acapella version of their track Kuliko Jana alongside the school choir went viral. Since then fans across the world have been asking to watch the full video – just watch it on Coke Studio Africa 4…

On Live and Die in Afrika

In 2016, Sauti Sol made history as the first Kenyan artistes to hold a successful countrywide tour. The “Live and Die in Africa” tour covered five cities and towns in Kenya and has now been expanded into Africa and beyond for the rest of the year. For those who think it might have been easy, Sauti Sol admit that such achievements don’t come without sacrifices. “We have a great team that sacrificed a lot. They dedicated their time, energy and skills to work around the clock just to make sure the tour was a mega experience. The support from our sponsors was also crucial.”

On Coke Studio Africa Collabos

Following up on the success of the Temperature/Shake Yo Bam Bam mash-up with Yemi Alade on Coke Studio Africa’s last season, Sauti Sol went on to record another song with her, Africa. Bien of Sauti Sol then translated one of her hit songs Na Gode into Swahili. The group is optimistic that this year their pairing with an artiste they greatly admire Fally Ipupa will also open more doors. They asserted: “This season will be fire, after which we will be going to DRC to meet up with Fally and shoot some music videos.”