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Ladies love Cool G. The sensational R&B singer from Mozambique is soft-spoken and quite eloquent in the English language. Some refer to him as a Mozambican Usher. Since discovering G2, I haven’t stopped listening to his music. His voice is addictive and amazing; the kind that comes by once in several decades. You will not be disappointed when you check him out on Coke Studio Africa season III—where he is paired with Ugandan rapper Navio in mash ups produced by Kenyan maestro Jaaz Odongo.

Let’s get to know him a little:

1.He’s got a degree in Telecommunication & IT Engineering

It’s interesting that the man who is today celebrated as one the most popular artistes in Mozambique and Angola is also a specialized IT Engineer. He also holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management. 

2.He is a smart artiste

G2 has mastered the art of reaching out his fans through social media and in various languages. In fact, he urges other African artistes to learn Portuguese. Since settling on music for a career, he’s been in the industry for six years now with four albums and several hit songs under his belt.

3.Successful Entrepreneur

He co-owns a production company (G&G) with Mozambican singer Gabriela. He also has his own music label GMUSIC Records with friend and business partner Leonel Tuto, a former Big Brother Africa contestant.

4.Music Director, Producer & Songwriter

He has worked with several artistes including Stewart Sukuma, Lizha James, Dama do Bling, Gabriela, Mimae, Da Les, Celma Ribas and many more.

5.Multiple award-winner

G2 has a string of awards from Mozambique. They include four awards from Mozambique’s prestigious Music Awards in 2011 for Best R&B/Soul, Best Duet, Best Male Artist and Best Album of The Year.

While at Coke Studio Africa, G2 was elated about getting to work with Navio – one of East Africa's most celebrated Hip-Hop stars. Watch out for G2, one of Africa’s most promising R&B artistes. 

Watch the G2 and Navio mash up of No Holding Back/Anti-Chula Produced by Jaaz Odongo.



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