5 Reasons Why We Love Chameleone

Ben Ewalu Olupot | NEWS | 7 January, 2016


One of greatest musical exports from East Africa, Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone is a voice giving Coke Studio Season III dynamism and flavour. This mash up season, there was need to identify artistes who would fit the bill by creating a new and more encompassing sound. There are many reasons why Africa fell in love with Chameleone.

We break it down:

1. An outstanding voice

Chameleone has a unique and unforgettable voice. From miles away, it is easy to identify the raspy voice of this Ugandan maestro. The Valu Valu/Shuga and Wale Wale/Mbale mash ups are two of the songs that bring to the fore the power that Chameleone's voice possesses. He commands the crowd while enjoying himself on the microphone.

2. Swag for days

Every artiste on the Coke Studio Africa season III has a certain level of swag. Chameleone has consistently been heads and shoulders above many with his unique fashion style. For someone who is always in the spotlight, Chameleone does a brilliant job keeping up his prim and proper outlook. His love for the hat, outstanding colour combinations and impressive accessories make him a real trendsetter. The well-matched red outfit in the Wale Wale/Mbale mash up was a favourite.

3. Mash up King

The afrobeat and reggae artiste performs in Luganda, English and Swahili. This made it easy to create a platform for another subgenre of his music to be fused with Nigeria’s Eva Alordia. TheGimme Gimme/Lights mash up for instance fused Eva's passionate Lights with Chameleone's explosive Gimme Gimme to create the perfect fusion of musical magic. Chameleone has hugely impressed in the mash ups, and many now look at him as a guru on that front.

4. Quite the performer

Very many people are blessed with great voices and a lot of talent when it comes to singing. However, being able to perform those songs often turns out to be a challenge for some. Chameleone is the kind of guy who creates a song and then performs it so well it leaves everybody wondering how exactly he is able to pull it off. His stage presence, engagement of the crowd and general poise on stage is second to none. While performing the Gimme Gimme/Lights mash up with Eva, Chameleone’s presence practically urged the crowd to enjoy themselves.

5. Easy going

From what can be seen on TV, it would appear that Chameleone is probably one of the easiest people to work with. Often times producers make singers go back and forth on tiny little details and this can be a bit unpleasant if not time consuming. However, Chameleone turned out to be quite the sport. He was actually one of the few artistes this season that went straight to the studio and started working, soon after landing in Nairobi – recording HQ of Coke Studio Africa.


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