4 Reasons We Loved The Song Reason

Jennifer Ochieng | NEWS | 15 December, 2015


I don’t know about you but I’m in love with Reason; the Coke Studio Africa produced song featuring NE-YO, Alikiba, Dama Do Bling, Wangechi, Ice Prince and Maurice Kirya. This is one of those songs you recommend to your friends. It is also one of those songs you play on loop for hours when practicing amateur yoga in your living room.

Let’s validate the reason why this song is everything:

1. Music arrangement above par

Did anyone else get that NE-YO, Kirya velvety transition? NE-YO started singing and he took me with him wherever he was going. But then Kirya came in with his sweet mellow vocals and I had to breathe slower, just so I don’t lose my mind from all the excellence. Through transitions and coordination on stage, you could sense the chemistry building up among the stars. They may all be from different parts of the world but they each had a reason to believe in that one song.

2. BGVs on fleek

Mayonde, Trina and Ivlyn are on another level of stardom. They don’t only look great. They carried the song with their strong, rich vocals and make it fit perfectly in the ear. If there is one thing we’ve noticed from Coke Studio Africa season III, it is that the stars’ fashion sense is unrivalled. Every one looked and sounded like a star.

3. Rap Queens united

When it came to the rap game on Reason, Wangechi and Dama Do Bling were on fire. It didn’t even matter that I couldn’t understand anything Dama said or that I couldn’t keep up with Wangechi’s flawless pace when I tried to mumble along. Nicki Minaj, we found two of your avatars on Coke Studio Africa. Which reminds me, I need to learn some Portuguese so that next time I meet the great Miss Bling, I can chat with her.

4. NE-YO brought it

We fell in love with NE-YO on Coke Studio’s Reason. You see him singing there on the stage in his distressed jeans and his hat, and you never want him to stop. What a wonderful song with a powerful message. Thanks to the Coke Studio Africa superstars.



Jennifer Ochieng
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