3 Things You Didn’t know About Mi Casa


South Africa’s Mi Casa Music comprises members: Dr. Duda (producer and pianist), J’Something (vocalist and guitarist) and Mo-T (trumpeter). They are one of Africa’s favourite award-winning groups and make their debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 to collaborate with Angola’s Anselmo Raplh. We caught up with the extremely talented and charismatic super trio, and go behind the awards and fame, to find out how best they would describe each other.

Dr. Duda on Mo-T

Duda says: “Mo-T is a family man, he loves eating a lot even though he always denies it. He eats one thing - rice! He always starts off by saying, ‘I don’t know what I want - can I have rice? Mo can’t sing as well that’s why he only plays the trumpet. Obviously he loves the trumpets,” adding, “on the side he loves styling. I think he is going to be a designer if Mi Casa does not work out.”

Mo-T on J'Something

Mo-T says: “Let me tell you about J, he is one person that loves food so much! I blame where he comes from -Portugal as they got delicious food made there. That is also where his cooking comes from. J is that one person who does not sleep, he is constantly working and the one thing that he does that is unlike him is that he loses stuff a lot. Musically, he is very talented - he is great at what he does as he puts in 100% at everything he does. As the lead vocalist of Mi Casa that works for us.”

J'Something on Dr. Duda

Dr. Duda is responsible for the music production for the band. J says: “Duda is the oldest in the group, nine years older than Mo-T and myself. Dr. Duda was part of a gospel band at his childhood church since the age of eight where he played keyboards. Duda has this father sort of character to him. He will not tell you often if you are doing well or not but when he does tell you, you feel like a superstar. Dr. Duda is also a very quiet character. He likes to speak only through music. As for Dr. Duda’s favourite food, he likes to eat anything meaty.”