Valter Artístico is a Mozambican singer and songwriter and one of fastest rising stars who is currently enjoying a major career spurt, thanks to his chart-topping hits such as “Marandza”, “Chefe do Quarteirao”,Nandzzicado”, and “Nasci Pra Te Amar” featuring Twenty Fingers. He makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa 2019 in the Big Break segment working with Rudeboy (Nigeria) and Khaligraph Jones (Kenya), and with the pair being produced by Kenya’s Magic Mike.


Initially starting out as a rapper with the group Universe Rappers, he made the big switch to Kizomba as he discovered and explored other musical rhymes. Valter officially began his solo music career in 2013 and broke into mainstream success with the release of his hit single “Sou Feliz”, a collaboration with Cizer Boss in 2016. In the next year, he was nominated for Best Upcoming Artist at the Africa Entertainment Awards.


Inspired by life stories and the pains and pleasures of love, Valter’s special calling as a talented songwriter stands out. With a very diverse discography, he keeps releasing hit after hit, earning a massive fan base in Mozambique.


Valter Ricardo Mandlate a.k.a Valter Artistico was born on April 17, 1996 in Maputo, Mozambique. Since childhood, the 22-year-old has always enjoyed singing and has worked to nurture his career both as a rapper and now, singer. Signed to Game Over Entertainment, his star can only rise higher.