Liloca is a Mozambican singer and dancer known for her energetic dance moves fused with marrabenta, afro and afro-house music. Some of her hit songs include Number One featuring Coke Studio Africa artist Mr. Bow, Muyive and Como ela Dance among others. Liloca recently released a single titled Lirandzo, which is currently receiving massive airplay in Mozambique. She is making her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 paired with Lydia Jasmine from Uganda.


Liloca came into the limelight in 2006 with her first single Como ela Dance, which motivated her to continue pursuing music. From then she has released several songs and even collaborated with numerous artists from her country, including DJ Ardiles, Mr. Kuka, Sweet Boys, Zav, DJ Damost, Dice, Slowly and Nstar. In 2012, Liloca released her latest album titled “Mulher Mocambicana”. She has two other albums, namely “Tic Tac é Meu Style” (2007) and “Magnifica” (2010). Besides music, Liloca is also an advocate for womens rights and has released songs that push her cause.


Liloca has won various awards in recognition of her contribution to the music industry. In 2007, she won the Female Revelation Award at Ngoma Mozambique for her song Muito Bem and her first album. She also won Best Prize at the Danca dos Artistas contest, Best Light Music Award for Ser Segunda at the Mozambique Music Awards and Most Popular Music Award for her collaboration with Mr Bow on the song Number One.


Born Luísa Zélia Sebastiana da Graça Madade, Liloca grew up in the province of Tele, Mozambique in the 1980s. Her musical career can be traced back to when she was a dancer at SOS Elementary School. Her passion saw her eventually start her own dance academy, which presented an opportunity for her to work with musician MC Roger for two years before embarking on her musical journey.  A graduate of law from ISCTEM - Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologias de Moçambique, her desire is to be trained in music.