Mauritian singer Laura Beg is one of the most talented artistes from Mauritius. Known for her hits “Tik Tiker”, “Friends” with DJ Jimmy Gassel and "L'immensité l'amour", she continues to captivate audiences with crisp sound and music. She makes a debut on Coke Studio Africa -2017 performing alongside Sami Dan from Ethiopia.


Laura came to the spotlight when she released the Sega version of Tina Arena’s hit "Loving the Impossible" in 2003. This got her signed to KDM Family where she released her first solo album in 2009 dubbed "Mo Sentiment pour toi". Voted Best Artist, she received the gold star of the Creolophonie in Australia by the Mauritian Diaspora. She has gone on to release more albums "Tik Tiker" (2011) and "L'immensité l'amour"(2014) and is currently working on the fourth album. Her songs have been voted best songs on several radio stations as well as received recognition for Best Album Sales. The year, 2015 saw her perform at her massive solo concert at the J & J Auditorium  in Phoenix.


Her music tackles subjects that are close to her heart drawing inspiration from the society, her life and love. Laura has toured in Mauritius, Seychelles and has international tours in Paris, Strasbourg, Marseilles, Lyon, Toulouse, Havre, Belgium, London, Tottenham, Crawley, Australia, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Switzerland.


Laura Beg began singing and performing in 2001 in different pubs and hotels. Subsequently, she met Alain Ramanisum during her performances and joined his group Ravanna a year later. She released her first song, a cover of Tina Arena’s "Loving the impossible" in 2003 which propelled her career to wider audiences and the general public especially during the great concert of Alain Ramanisum at the Theater of St Gilles. Laura also participated on several Compiles Supreme Sega. Alain and Laura are now married with a son.