Dawit Nega


If you happen to chance on some Ethiopian music then you will immediately understand why young musician Dawit Nega stands out. With just more than five songs to his name, his videos are causing a stir with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. On this season of Coke Studio Africa, Dawit is a Big Break Artist, singing alongside Angola’s Anselmo Ralph and well-loved South African giants Mi Casa.


The young Dawit’s music career started several years back, with his videos creeping up on YouTube around 2013. He has no albums to his name, but singles such as Deamena, Kem Gelgele Meskel, Baba Elen, Wezamey and Ziwedero, have earned him bragging rights with their nationwide acclaim. Wezamey, released in 2016 has garnered over 8 million views and was performed live by Dawit at a concert in Melbourne, Australia.


Dawit’s claim to fame is his interest in spreading Ethiopian culture among the youth with his Tigrigna songs. Tigrigna is a very distinct dialect from the more widely spoken Amharic language in Ethiopia. Dawit Nega’s intention is to promote Tigrigna culture around the world.


Dawit Nega was born and raised in Mekelle, Ethiopia. He strongly believes that youth play an important role in promoting the Ethiopian culture, and plays his part to propagate this through his music.