Serge Beynaud





Ivorian artiste Serge Beynaud is a musical phenomenon of the French speaking African youth and known to many as the icon of Ivory Coast’s younger population. His hit singles include Remanbele and Mawanaya. His debut album Seul Dieu was a huge success, preceding his second album Talehi that proved to be just as successful. He makes his debut on the fourth season of Coke Studio Africa, paired with Nigerian power vocalist Waje.




After the success of his debut album, Serge’s rise to fame and international acclaim was cemented by a 2012 concert at the Culture House of Abidjan, where he filled 5000 seats. His triumph was followed by non-stop tours and singles, as well as concerts in Europe, Africa and the US. Serge Beynaud continues to conquer new territories.




Serge’s coupé décalé sound is distinctively more harmonious and melodious than usual, and perfectly complements his dance style. The Ivorian musician has additionally made a name for himself in the field of composition and sound arrangement and continues to inspire several artistes across Africa.




Guy Serge Beynaud was born in Ivory Coast in 1987. From the age of seven, he began developing an interest in music, starting off by fumbling with his father’s computer. By 2007, Serge started recording music after being mentored by his mother and others. A hard-working and industrious student of music, his achievements in music are a source of pride for his parents.