Coke Studio Africa 4 drummer George Mutinda a.k.a Joji Porgy has actually been drumming since he was twelve years old. In season 1 of Coke Studio Africa, he was a guest drummer. Returning as the main drummer on the show has since allowed him to work with a highly talented band and a cross section of African artistes. He has worked with a band called Afro Sync, with his major influences being Jazz, Latin and Afro Pop sounds.


George has worked with several celebrated artistes including Seun Kuti, Grammy-Award winning neo soul singer Dwele and dancehall queen Alaine. He has also worked with Kenyan pianist and composer Aaron Rimbui. He was featured in Greatest Wonder – a gospel reggae album in 2003. He has won an award for Best Drummer at Who’s Fooling Who by Drum Jam in 2008.


On the live music performances circuit, George has played at South Africa’s Jazz festival, Sauti Za Busara amongst festivals in Zanzibar. He has also toured Greece, Senegal and Uganda. Before settling on the drums however, George used to play the bass guitar. He also studied graphic design because it was his parents’ wish but all through that period his heart was in music. He says that playing drums relaxes his brain and allows him to express his feelings. He says that it always makes him feel better, smile and laugh too. Because his normal demeanor is cheeky, people think that he is always joking but he asserts that he is a very serious guy in person.