To begin with i started learning music when i was young in primary school and started playing live for the first time on stage was in 2002 after high school

What motivated me to become a musician is the passion,love and interest in music i had since my childhood.

I chose the saxophone to be my instrument because its a sweet melodic instrument and i love it.

I listen and have so many favourite musicians bt my most favourite musicians are kirk whalum,Boney james,kenny garret and Joseph ngala.i like them because of thesweet round sound they produce from their horns.

I have a wide range of different genres that i listen to bt mostly i listen to Jazz,Soul,Rumba,Salsa,Chakacha,Sega,R n b just to mention a few.

Well i had some favourite songs but my most favourite song on season 1 of cokestudio was Africa by salif keita because of the sweet melody and lyrics it had.

My best experience from season 1 was playing with these different young talented musicians from the band through musical direction of great musicians of mr. Franck biyong and Chris adwar.Meeting different african stars from allover africa and learning new ideas musically.

The things i like doing outside music and interested in some is to be able to help the needy children,sick people with uncurable diseases(b) Praying to God thank him for what he has done for me and what he keeps on doing for me.(c) Spending time with my family.(d) skipping because it makes me physically fit and mentally ok(e) learning new ideas through friends and internet.

I have so many special ones but most of all is my wife.

My favourite musical moment was when i went performing in a cruise ship touring different countries.The other one was performing for a concert with my band Gogosimo and ofcourse at coke studio.


I started playing percussion when I was around 10 years old: West African drums, like the djembe and djun djuns. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I started to play the saxophone.

My love for music was the motivating factor that drove me to becoming a musician. I loved music so much, and it was incredibly moving to me, that I felt I could have something to contribute to the world of music if I got involved.

I chose to play the saxophone because it speaks. It is a very lyrical and expressive instrument that is dynamic in its expressive capabilities.

My Favourite musicians are Ralph Vaughan Williams, John Coltrane, Oumou Sangare, J.S. Bach, Soweto Kinch, Dick Oatts, Lauryn Hill and the likes…

I listen to any type of music that I consider to be tasteful: from afrobeat to reggae to rap to jazz to classical. I am not a fan of over commercialised music.

My favourite song on Coke Studio Africa Season 1 was Huff & Puff by Just a Band, due to the awesome vibe that it produced in the studio and the incredible fun that it was to perform.

My best experience on Season 1 was creating Shosholoza with M.I. and the band.

I am also interested in sports, reading, fashion, dancing and community work.

There are many special people in my life; God, my mother Kemi, brother and two sisters, nephew Isaac and various friends that I’ve made along the way on this life’s journey.

My favourite musical moment was playing alongside Seun Kuti on the song ‘Lady’ by Fela Kuti. It was only Seun and myself in the horn section both playing alto saxophones hahaha Unforgettable moments!

Reveal something about yourself you wouldn’t normally:

I am in love with Jaffa Cakes lol


I started music when I was about 14, playing in a Salvation Army brass band in Mombasa – it was my mom’s idea and she signed us up for classes (my older brother and myself). I learnt to play the Euphonium, then later learnt other brass instruments including Cornet, trombone, also played a bit of sax and drums along the way too. I also enjoy composition, arranging and orchestration, as well as playing in different brass settings. Though I do not do music full time, I have had the privilege to play and direct brass bands, as part of small ensembles and even been on tour in a theatre production to The Netherlands.

I have grown up around music, especially singing and brass bands in church, hip hop in the hood and the very rich culture and sounds at the Kenyan Coast. So I always wanted to learn how to play. Later I was driven by the need for creativity and self-expression and music offered this channel, so when I was old enough I joined a brass band.

I like the trumpet and cornet. The trumpet is declamatory, confident and captures attention. It is also very expressive, it can be loud and brash or mellow and sentimental – it has personality. The trombone is not a very common instrument to play these sides especially if not on an orchestra or brass band, and it has so many shades, tones and colours that makes it so much fun to play.

I have so many favourite musicians across genres too. Bob Marley, Prince, MJ in pop music. I am a fan of Masekhela in afro-music, Clifford Brown, Miles and Freddie Hubbard in jazz trumpet.. Of course there are so many great trumpet players out there, both young and old, old school and new school.

All kinds, pop, hip hop, contemporary afro-music /fusion, jazz, brass bands, and folk music from the world over- I find folk music really interesting, and offers so much insight into culture

African Rapper Number. 1. So much energy, so much flow and the arrangements on the track are awesome. I also wrote the instrumental ending to this one too!!

Lots of nice things to say, but working on the project was a lot of fun. The band was fun and talented and the artists were pretty cool. Although the project was really demanding, everyone was really cool. I think in the horn section especially we had so much fun and sharing between Mike, Noah and myself. Generally people were so cool and Franck was a great director

Outside music I am a Project Management professional, having worked in the not-for-profit sector, in Education policy and programmes as well as management for 5 years. I am also involved in youth programmes and small business ventures. I’m almost finished doing a Masters degree in Strategic Management.

Is there anyone special in your life? Yes. Someone very special…

What is your favourite musical moment ever?

It happened so many years ago…sometime when I was 16... I decided I needed to play the sax, and picked up one, and spent some 3 days locked up in a room and practised like crazy –I had no teacher except for some guy who showed my some of the fingerings. After 3 days, I was no maestro but I could play a few things on it after that as I was already playing music. So after like a week of practice I had the opportunity to get onto the bandstand with some guys and although I wasn’t by any chance a master musician, I played some stuff that people really liked and I felt really cool! I took a solo in an African song and I still remember all the notes I played that day. That day at 16 I felt like a really great musician!

Reveal something about yourself you wouldn’t normally:

I have problems telling the “right” and the “left” especially without a wristwatch on.. Sometimes I have to quickly simulate writing so as to know my right hand…