Even before Muthoni, as she prefers being called, started playing actively, she enjoyed listening to music. She said it felt like such a beautiful world to explore and get lost in. She studied music in high school, playing the recorder and percussion. Muthoni also sang briefly with the Nairobi Girls chorale and Nairobi Music Society and later took up the violin in 2011 under the tutelage of Marta Lizak at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music. She was drawn to this instrument by its unique voice and versatility that cuts across all genres.

After this she joined the Kenya Conservatoire of Music Orchestra, the Kenya National Youth Orchestra and recently the Nairobi Orchestra. She also plays in an all-string ensemble called Zeze. Muthoni is classically trained but currently experimenting with fusing ideas from varied genres such as classical music, jazz, traditional African music, folk and contemporary music. She is greatly biased towards African music and looking to explore this genre a lot more. There is no end to discovery in the beautiful world of music. In an ever-growing list, some of her favourite musicians and influences include Bach, Mendelssohn, Soweto string quartet and the Vitamin string quartet.

In addition to these exceptional violinist enjoys listening to Pink, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Freshly Ground, Asa, Just a Band, Salif Keita and have recently been converted to the magic and genius of Fela Kuti and Hugh Masekela. Muthoni love it when she can sense sincerity in an artiste’s work and greatly enjoy listening to musicians who experiment with novel ideas in their music.